The Springfield School Board of Trustees has received official notification from the Ministry of Education that our proposed enrolment scheme has been approved and will be implemented from January 1st, 2022.  Once an enrolment zone is in place, priority for enrolment and attendance will be given to those students living in the school’s designated home zone.  Our home zone includes all of the Springfield suburb including: Starting from the western end of Dalethorpe Road,

If you live in the home zone, or live out-of-zone and have your child currently attending Springfield School, there is no change to your child’s enrolment status. 

Students from outside our home zone will no longer be able to enrol unless we hold a ballot for places. 

This is a change for our school, but the reason we have implemented a zone is to ensure that our school does not get over-crowded and we can make the best use of our facilities.

Enrolment Zone Maps.pdf



If I live in the school zone, do I still need to fill out an enrolment form? 

Yes. All parents/whānau must fill out an enrolment form, providing necessary documentation, whether they are in-zone or out-of-zone. We will not be able to enrol your child unless we have all of the relevant information. If you need to order a new birth certificate you can go to: https://certificates.services.govt.nz/certificate-order/certificate-events?type=birth-certificate 

When I enrol my child, do I need to prove that my child lives in the home zone? 

Yes. All in-zone enrolments will need to show evidence of residence within the home zone by providing two original documents such as a utility bill (rates, power, gas or phone) or a tenancy agreement. Any attempt to provide false information will lead to the annulment of the enrolment. 

I currently live out-of-zone and my child (or children) attends Springfield School. Can they still stay? 

Yes. Because they were already attending Springfield School, there is no impact on their place at our school. 

I already have a child at Springfield School and we live out-of-zone. If I have a younger child turning 5, do I have to complete an enrolment form for the ballot? 

Yes. You will need to apply as an out-of-zone student. However, you will be classed as a "Priority 2" out-of-zone enrolment as there is another brother or sister at Springfield School.

We live out-of-zone and my child is older than 5. Can we enrol as an out-of-zone student? 

This depends entirely on the spaces we have available in other areas of the school. 

If there is a ballot when will I know if an out-of-zone enrolment is successful? 

You will be notified within three days of the ballot. 

If an out-of-zone enrolment is unsuccessful, is there a waiting list? 

Yes, any children not selected are added to our waiting list and if a space becomes available you will be notified. 

What happens if an out-of-zone enrolment is received after the ballot date? 

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the next ballot to enrol your child. 

Springfield School has 5 places available across the school for out of zone enrolments for 2023.  

To ensure the integrity of the enrolment process, we will be strictly adhering to the legislation around enrolment zones.