• Deliver the National Curriculum to a high standard, focusing on Literacy and Numeracy

• Communicate the purpose of learning

• Provide needs based programmes

• Connect the curriculum to students interests and make it meaningful to their lives and academic development

• Are enthusiastic, and foster a love for learning

• Are reflective practitioners and are committed to professional growth

• Have high expectations

• Demonstrate caring and supportive interpersonal skills

• Develop inclusive learning environments for all learners

• Are positive and professional

• Work in partnership with whānau

• Are supportive of the school and its aims

• Feel valued, and part of the team

• Assist in developing an inclusive learning environment

• Care for the students

• Are positive and professional


• Is a good employer

• Demonstrates excellent governance

• Are positive and professional in and out of the school

• Stays well informed on student learning and achievement

• Ensures all resources are effectively managed

• Ensures compliance with all legislative requirements

• Ensures all resources are effectively managed to achieve strategic priorities

• Plans for the future through proactive decision making.

• Positively promote the school


• Feel welcomed and included

• Are well informed

• Encourage children in their schooling

• Respect the professional judgement of the staff, and work in partnership with them

• Are supportive of the Board of Trustees, staff and school


• Take increasing responsibility for their actions and learning

• Get enthusiastic in learning, activities and events

• Work hard to achieve success in reading, writing and mathematics

• Show kaha (strength), toa (bravery), aroha (caring), and mana (pride)

• Are proud of their school

• Feel safe and cared for, respected and valued

• Are encouraged and challenged

• Take pride in their achievements

• Use initiative, are flexible, resilient and take risks in their learning

• Are culturally responsive