Congratulations to the following students who managed to place in their races. These students will go on to represent their age group at the Malvern cross country event. More details to follow.

Year 0/1 Girls

2nd    Sylvie Gillanders

4th     Lora Cropper


Year 3 Girls

1st     Anna Wakefield

2nd    McKenzie Simpson-King

4th     Zione Limbe


Year 4 Girls

2nd    Zoe Walker

4th    Nemah Parsons Riley & Jasmine Gillies


Year 5 Girls

1st     Bella Yaxley

4th     Nina Wakefield


Year 6 Girls

1st     Maia Wakefield

2nd    Maani Parsons Riley

4th     Katie Clarke


Year 0/1 Boys

3rd     Douglas Ellis


Year 2 Boys

3rd    Oscar Walker


Year 3 Boys

1st    Charlie Clarke

2nd   William Clarke

4th    Finn Keogh


Year 4 Boys

1st    Taj Armstrong

2nd   Noah Aldersley


Year 6 Boys

2nd   Logan Davis